March 28, 2010


memang masyuk...
ala² Greenday gitu..
Bunkface the best..
this song from album PHOBI A PHONEY~
layan..zass ~


u r a soldier ,
arising sun ,
wait for the heyday
look far a
way ,

and believe in urself ,
ur name on a shelf ,
a lege

u r a soldier ,
the chosen one ,
bring back the heyday
look far away
with respect n
forever we’ll stay , t

and singing life is all that we need ,
but the lies is all that we seem ,
raise ur hands high up in the sky ,
missing secret you w
ill find ,
in ur heart , in ur heart , in u r hear t..

1 orang yAng rajiN...:

Ariffin said...

teruk giler album Bunkface.

X sdap langsung. Bunyi PUnk mereka mcam poyo je.

No identity.

1 buck short lgi best

Ko nilai la sndiri

Selamat aq x bli. hahahha

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