June 9, 2010


terime kasih pada cik yuni
kerna mengewardkan sya dengan awrd ini..
bertambah ferasan dibuatnye..
friendly ker??

alang-alang tu i want to paste something..
bende ni aku jumpe dalam pc aku..
da lama kot..bertahun suda.
tp macam bes

Two Arabs boarded a shuttle out of Washington for New York. One sat in the window seat the other in the middle seat. Just before take-off a fat little Jewish guy got on and took the aisle seat next to the Arabs. He kicked off his shoes wiggled his toes and was settling in when the Arab in the window seat said "I think I'll go up and get a Coke." (Shuttle flights do not have cabin attendants but you probably knew that.) "No problem," said the Jew. "I'll get it for you."

While he was gone the Arab picked up the Jew's shoe and spit in it. The Jew brought back the coke when the other Arab said, "That looks good. Think I'll have one too." Again the Jew obligingly goes to fetch it and while he is gone the Arab picks up the other shoe and spits in it.

The Jew returns with the coke and they all sit back and enjoy the short flight. When the plane was landing the Jew slipped his feet into his shoes and knew immediately what had happened.
How long must this go on? he asked. This enmity between our peoples ...this hatred...your spitting in my shoes and me pissing in your Coke? "

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